The brainchild of Mrs. Ivy Singh-Lim, the Gentle Warriors’ Trust (GWT) was launched on 26 March 2015 on her 66th birthday. 
The Trust was set up as an homage of the heart to her mother Mdm. Tan Lay Koon, a.k.a. Dragon Warrior, in the proud tradition of empowering women.

Celebrated for her generosity, Ivy has always supported the community, especially the downtrodden. Blessed with a privileged life, she is renowned for her strength, intelligence and fearlessness, and, believes that women are the true architects of society.

The colours of the GWT logo were inspired by the suffragettes. Green for Hope; Purple for Dignity and White for Purity. And the circle – The Circle of Life – Ivy’s ethos.

It is in this spirit that GWT was formed.
  • To empower women
  • To spread the spirit of warriorship
  • To promote social justice and independence
GWT will provide financial assistance in the form of interest free loans to Singapore based women who seek opportunities to progress and broaden their skills, further their education or seeding projects that contribute to society.